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Social Media Training

Social Media Training

hermaphroditically If your charity is keen to use Social Media to its full potential, come along to one of our Social Media Seminars – from Twitter to Pinterest, via Linked In and YouTube, we know how to make your charity’s stories resonate with your key audience. Our Social Media Seminars are tailored to your needs - when you book a place you'll be asked a series of brief questions to allow us to really work out where you already are and what you want out of training. We'll conduct a 3 stage assessment of all your accounts and produce a short report for you to take away with you at the end of the seminar.

Campaign Development

Campaign Development

Chaksu You may have several goals – to recruit more volunteers, build your donations, raise awareness or even all three. We’ll look at what you want to achieve, how best to do that and think big, defining what great success looks like. But campaigns aren't just about coming up with great ideas - they're about working smart, locking in your key performance indicators and getting nerdy about numbers. From click-rates to link-bait, setting out your objectives, milestones and bottom-line, we'll strategise with you and really narrow down the best way to realise your goals.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Budgeting in marketing is difficult for any business, but even more so for charities who must ensure they get the return on not only money but effort. From hashtag games to viral video stunts, are your campaigns really getting the message out there? Is it the right message? We’ll help you research what your most loyal activists and volunteers want to see from your charity and weigh it up carefully with the best way to make your campaigns resonate to new audiences. We’ll also delve deep into the numbers and pull out what made your previous efforts successful so that every campaign hits the mark, whatever the goal(s).

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"Working on something you love takes passion and dedication but often it means getting too close and not being able to see where you're going. How can you see the bigger picture when you're right in the centre?"

Excellent marketing means maximising the resources you already have

Marketing for charities often involves large budgets, giving over creative license to an agency and waiting for them to create the assets. It’s often beyond smaller charities and it means that the marketing agency has got you locked in. They provide the services and assets, and you hand over the money.

But marketing for charities shouldn’t be the same as marketing for businesses. Businesses have budgets set aside for marketing to maximise their profits and all they have to please is their shareholders – they’re a commercial operation with one aim – to make money.

Understanding the difference is half the battle

Charities are different – they have to impress three different audiences: their volunteers, their philanthropists and their public. They have to get the message out there and compete with those businesses offering products and services in exchange for money. Appealing to people in these cash-strapped times is tough and so paying a retainer or for digital services is out of the question for many charities.

Yet there’s a lot charities can learn from the big players in business. And we don’t want you to miss out.

Our goal? To make ourselves obsolete

We’re different from most marketing agencies. We want to teach you how to do what the marketing agencies just provide to charities. Simply giving you the social media assets, campaign ideas or copy for your latest ad isn’t what we’re about. We could do that, no question – but that’s not the point of our services. We want to give you all the resources you need to pass on key skills to your dedicated volunteers.

We want to empower charities: to teach them to connect, inspire and engage with their volunteers, donors and public. To pass on best marketing practices and support charities in expanding their knowledge of social media, strategy and campaign development. Once we’ve done that, our work is done and you won’t need us anymore. And that’s ultimately what we want.

Sound like something your charity would benefit from?

Take a look at our mission statement. We bet you’ll like what you read.


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