About Our Marketing Strategy Services

More about what we do for charities and non-profits

compactly We offer consulting services to charities and non-profits who have an interest in raising the profile of their charity through digital marketing.

Why do I need marketing consultation?

buy Ivermectin scabies online Marketing development and strategy will help your charity or small business to:

Kovancılar – Have better, more fruitful interactions with philanthropists or clients

– Encourage new recruitment of volunteers, activists or team members

– Get corporate sponsorship from businesses who want to support your cause

We aim to help you reach new people and raise more awareness.

By giving you the digital tools, resources and skills you need, we will help you make your assets (including human resources) work better, smarter and more efficiently.

What will I learn?

We don’t want to give you ideas, devise your campaigns or write your social media posts for you – we want to show you effective marketing strategies, develop on what you already know about great marketing through compelling storytelling and to teach best marketing practice.

We’ll show you how the best marketers devise, analyse and evaluate new initiatives and campaigns and show you how to teach your team the same.

We are dedicated to ethical marketing practices and transparent pricing for services – no hidden costs and no ‘black hat’ marketing practices.

Want to know more? Read our mission statement or get in touch for a free consultation

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