Charity Marketing Strategy

Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for your charity/non-profit

Introducing Marketing and Communications Strategy for Charities and Non-Profits

Parsippany Limited is a new company specialising in marketing and communications strategy for charities and non-profits.

Who will we be working with?

where can i buy stromectol ivermectin We hope to work with a range of charities – both large and small – in the areas of disability, animal welfare and special education needs, with a full commitment to the sole use of ethical marketing practices. The initial focus, will be on small, local, charities, non-profits and social enterprises in the areas of Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Why is Digital Marketing so important in the charity sector?

is it ok to buy accutane online The aim of the company is to provide charities and non-profits with digital marketing and communications strategy to allow them to connect, engage and inspire those who care about their cause: from the philanthropists who donate; to the volunteers and activists who allow the charity to continue operating.

We will aid charities and non-profits with better engagement with their existing supporters, help them reach new volunteers and activists and thereby raise greater awareness for their causes. By giving these organisations the digital tools, resources and skills they need, the business will allow your charity to help its assets (including human resources) work better, smarter and harder.

Passing on key strategies: helping charities ‘pay it forward’

The business also aims to educate charities about business and marketing strategy, the benefits of great marketing through storytelling and teach best marketing practice with respect to devising, analysing and evaluating fundraising drives and awareness-building campaigns.

Why choose Limited for Digital Marketing Strategy?

Clients will benefit from Tannice’s keen, proactive, ‘can-do’ attitude as well as her enthusiasm, passion and strong desire to pass on her expertise to allow her clients to become leaders in their field, spreading greater awareness of their cause.

Experience in running a non-profit is invaluable…

Tannice also has over three years’ experience in running a non-profit; a popular science and scepticism outreach event, based in Guildford. Tannice’s work in the arena of educational outreach has been widely recognised and she has been touring the UK since March 2012 giving talks on her specialist subject of Autism. In December 2015, Tannice took the reins at Tunbridge Wells Skeptics in the Pub, with her co-host and co-director, Jacques Hemming.

Why Digital Marketing for Charities and Non-Profits?

Tannice’s goal is, ultimately, to make charities’ causes as financially viable and visible to their interested public as possible through digital marketing, social media and communications strategy.

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