Thinking smart in an age of digital marketing

purchase Gabapentin With the amount of charities fighting for money, in an age of digital messages and advertising that bombards us with information, your charity really needs to stand out. Charities and non-profits are constantly having to find new ways to meet their causes’ needs – from recruiting new volunteers, to generating funds to power their campaigns, you must never take your eye off your charity’s three main aims

Xunchang – to connect with like-minded individuals who will work for your charity for the good of your cause;
– to inspire those who can afford it to give generously; and
– to engage with an audience to raise awareness of why your charity is worth attention

Communications and marketing are your charity/non-profit’s key tools – these are essential parts of achieving your aims and making sure your hard work is not for nothing – that it raises money and awareness of who you are, what you do and why it’s so important.

Sometimes the old adages are the best – we’ll be teaching you to fish rather than just supplying the batter and chips

Digital Marketing is a rapidly growing industry, with agencies and consultants proliferating the market. However, Limited is different: we aim to pass on key Digital Marketing skills to charities – not simply to provide them as an agency. Most agencies simply provide campaigns, assets and services, rather than training you in best practice, methods and evaluation skills.

Our packages of training and consultation will give you and your charity the skill-sets you need to really raise the profile of your cause – making you the leader in your specialist sector.

We won’t just be selling you Marketing and Communications Consultancy, but providing you with a service that delivers measurable results that will serve you well in today’s confusing and challenging digital landscape. We’ll give you everything you need to get your message across and maximise all your hard work.

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