Public Speaking

Oujda Tannice gives a specialist talk on “Autism treatments: the good, the bad and the ugly” which discusses the toxic treatments that many Autistic children are exposed to on a daily basis. Focusing on Hyperbaric Oxygen Tanks, Lupron (US only) and Chelation, Tannice exposes her audience to a murky world of misunderstandings and misrepresentations as to the causes and “fixes” alternative medicine proposes.

inflammably Careful to weigh up the costs and benefits of several alternative medicines in the context of frightened parents who lack adequate support, Tannice’s talk has been described as “informative, eye-opening and anger-inducing” as well as “packed full of information to entertain, inform and shock”.

how to get gabapentin online Tannice also takes her audience through the results of her survey examining attitudes towards people on the spectrum with some incisive and some misguided responses to what “cures” or causes autism. Spoiler: nothing and we don’t know. Addressing the controversial disability rights issue of whether a “cure” for Autism is a useful idea or not is also part of Tannice’s remit, with a short discussion of the prevailing attitudes, her own view and points of view on how Autism is both a help and a hindrance.

Vaccinations and the false link between MMR and Autism is another subject that simply couldn’t escape examination and despite a reluctance to give credence to the theory with the oxygen of attention, Tannice applies significant ire to anti-vaccination stances, carefully deconstructing and skewering the arguments.

New for 2014: Tannice will be investigating and devising a new talk on the history and development of vaccines