Race for Life – sponsor me!

I’m doing Race for Life in Epsom on June 30th and I’d like to ask people to sponsor me.


Here’s why.

In December 2011 my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. It was horrible and scary and I won’t go over the pain and heartache this caused because it’s very personal but suffice to say it was very hard to cope with. Luckily, he’s doing very well and is now happy, healthy and leading a normal life.

Last month I was under investigation for lymphoma – a further terrifying time for my family – especially since my Aunty is currently having treatment for breast cancer. Luckily I’m A-OK.

I Race for Life for all those who haven’t been so lucky; for my Dad, and for all families affected by this.

My original target was £200 but thanks to the generosity of my friends and family, I have actually smashed it! I want to raise more money, if I can, so I’m asking anyone and everyone to sponsor me.


Massimo having a great time at the park – he loves all this walking!

Today I managed to run the length of a football pitch – not much for the majority of people but for someone like me, who has been…. (let’s say chubby) for much of her adult life, this is a long way. I walked 8.3k yesterday, with my trusty sidekick, Massimo. I’ve walked nearly every day since the 16th March and I’ve seen a lot of improvement.

Average speed 3.1 km.h

Average speed 3.1 km.h




4.8 km/h

Today – 4.8 km/h

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 16.46.19

yesterday – 8.3km!